5 Optional Materials for Home Siding

December 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

| Image credit | Redfin | Saint Helena | Napa | California

Siding your home is more than just good looks. Here are 5 options for materials. As a home owner, builder or a developer, we constantly look for the right answer. Take your geographic location, budget and aesthetic into consideration. First impression of a home is its exterior facade. Make an impression!

1. Brick

– Made of clay and shale, high durability

– Resists termites, fire, mold and rot

– Low – maintenance

– Higher price tag

2. Wood

– Optimal green choice

– Beautiful

– Renewable, recyclable

– Requires maintenance, and can shrink and expand

– Can be twice as expensive as engineered wood or fiber cement

3. Engineered Wood

– For people who prefer the look of wood

– Good green option

– Less costly than real wood

– Factory pre-primed, no special installation process

– Moisture problems can result from installation errors

4. Fiber Cement

– Superior stability

– More affordable than wood

– Low-maintenance product

– It would not rot, buckle or warp

– Heavier than most sidings and can crack

– Moisture problems can result from installation errors

5. EIFS | Exterior Insulation Finish System

– Look like stucco product

– Adds insulation to the exterior of a home

– Less costly than stucco

– Liquid applied barrier blocks moisture

– Must be installed by a trained professional

– Less durable than wood


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