Top 5 at KBIS 2011 | Las Vegas Kitchen & Bathroom Industry Show

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At this year’s kitchen & bath show, minimalist design continued to be popular. There were strong indicators that people are looking for softer classical styles and a more comforting look. Aesthetics were more natural and organic.

1. Robern | Vanity Storage |

Incredibly practical construction for bathroom vanity storage. The slim design creates more possibilities for sink and faucet selections. Above the drawers, a LED night light casts a soft glow in the middle of the night that is easy on the eyes. The vanity lends a sense of visual spaciousness with a modern appearance.

2. Ann Sacks | Visage Tile |

Inspired from 18th and 19th century antique mirrors. The soft grey casts a silvery depth on its antiqued glass. It was absolutely stunning! The slight shimmering would glamorize any room, perhaps in a powder bath, cigar room or library. A perfect tile application for backsplash. Quality reflects high-style.

3. Wetstyle | Freestanding Bathtub |

The new Be Collection bathtub rediscovered nature with a nutshell shape. Simple silhouettes detailed with a subtle peaked seam for spine support. Modern contemporary design, a true natural beauty. I personally tried out the tub during the show… it’s already added to my wish list.

4.  TOTO | Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet |

TOTO, an industry leader in plumbing products, is known for its high-efficiency toilets, faucets and showers. I constantly look for quality products with reliable performance.  This Aquia wall-hung dual-flush toilet features SanaGloss ceramic glaze. Its design prevents debris and mold from ceramic surfaces which leads to less water in cleaning. Best-in-class flushing technologies with EcoPower faucets and flush valves harness the energy of moving water. TOTO contiues to be one of the top requested bathroom plumbing manufactures.

5. Samuel Heath | Bath Filler & Shower Valve

Its timeless approach created this classic bath filler with handheld and thermostatic shower valve. Intricately crafted pieces designed and made in England. Beautiful plating deposits with layers of finishes This ensures a perfect adhesion to produce a deep lustrous long lasting finish. Finishes available in antique gold, chrome plate and polished nickel. The antique gold is quite a jewel, unlike an average brass.

We stayed at Las Vegas Encore Wynn Hotel, designed by Roger Thomas. It has a dramatic cinematic presence. The rooms were heighten with vibrant colors and sense of balance.

We end our Las Vegas day at La Cave restaurant with a few old friends from the UCLA Architecture Interior Design Program. We tasted many savory plates in this luxurious hideaway. All my friends have been wonderful over the years as we share our experiences and design secrets. We had a lovely time and hope to be back very soon.


5 ways to design a healthy living

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Sustainable designed homes are healthier homes for their occupants. It also means being smart about how we use energy, water, and building materials. A home can be beautifully designed while also making a positive impact on our existing environment. Let’s explore a few ways how sustainable principles can be applied to residential design. 

1. Landscaping:

Choose native trees, plants and wildflowers that require low or no water consumption. Try planting drought – tolerant plants. Talk about low maintenance!

Native plants

2. Flooring

Using bamboo, a fast growing grass, reduces demand for slower-growing, more ecologically sensitive  tree species. Consider smooth flooring surfaces instead of carpet. Hardwood, bamboo, concrete, and tile floors are easier to keep free of contaminants such as dust mites and pet dander than carpeted surfaces. LV wood floors offer green wood flooring,  

The image below is Patina Versailles Parquet in White Oak (custom color)

Wood Floor

3. Energy – Efficient Appliances:

New models are available that are dramatically more efficient. Some use as little as one-fifth the amount of electricity that refrigerators used thirty years ago. If it’s an older model, it could be costing you a hefty chunk of change each year. Let’s look for the yellow Energy Guide label to compare efficiencies the next time we shop.

Many of Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliances’ more popular units – the BI36F, BI-36R, BI-36U, BI-30U, 700BR, UC-24R and UC-24RO – are Energy Star compliant.


4. Paints:

Use water-based, low – or zero – VOC. A Volatile Organic Compound  is a class of organic chemicals that readily release vapors at room temperature. Be aware that exposure to VOCs can cause symptoms ranging from short-term nausea, eye irritation, and headaches to more severe, longer lasting effects. Use formaldehyde – free  interior paints and sealers. VOCs pollute the air inside your home, they can also contribute to the formation of smog outside. If you’ve ever noticed that “new paint” smell in a space, you’re breathing chemicals offgassing from the paint.

More and more paint manufactures are offering Eco – conscious products. Farrow & Ball develops Estate Eggshell eco-finish. Benjamin Morre’s Naturea Paint is a zero VOC, virtually odorless formula. We do not have to sacrifice performance anymore..

Farrow and Ball

5. Toilet:

Replace older toilets when possible. If your toilets were installed before 1994 (when U.S. government began mandating the installation of low-flow toilets in  new home construction), consider replacing them with low-flow models. Check with your municipal water company for rebate offers.

Toto’s toilet is high efficient, helping to ensure outstanding one-flush performance and true water savings.


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