9 Exterior and Interior Design, Worth Noting…

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I came across these interesting buildings while on a walk. What better way to spend a day exploring cities than with a cup of cappuccino and camera. Small streets with boutique store entice me. I’m addicted to fine caffeine and architecture. For exterior colors and material specifications, many inspirations often come from old buildings and homes. The adventure starts at a Hermes boutique in Cleveland, continues on the streets of Toronto and concludes back home  in San Marino, California.

1. Chagrin Falls, Ohio. So dreamy…

2. Financial district, Toronto Canada

3. Entertainment District, Toronto Canada

Modern bridge nestled between traditional buildings

4. Near Art Gallery, Toronto Canada

The wood and iron crafted sculpture is very intriguing.

5. Entertainment District, Toronto Canada

I sense massive potential for it to come alive!

6. Distillery District, Toronto Canada

Picture speaks volume, minimal sinage.

7. La Bettola Di Terroni, Toronto Canada

A well executed restaurant design. Mixed materials of rustic refined elements.

8. King Street East, Toronto Canada

Time for refuel… handsome building, bold and daring.

9. City Hall, San Marino California (Hometown)

Subtle elegance with classic architectural details.


Skid Row, the interiors matter too

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January 2009, a cold winter evening in Los Angeles (sigh… not convincing) I stepped into Downtown Women Center (DWC), a warm welcome from a group of designer, architect and industry professionals. Immediately I was drawn to be part of building a resident tower to house homeless women in Downtown Los Angeles.

June 2010, hard hat tour of breaking ground at DWC. How exciting to see the place had been completely overhauled. The residence of Women Center will soon be entering through that massive original vintage door.

I’ve been hunting bargains and finding suppliers willing to donate. Scouring though address books for connections. Thanks to all of their generosity, our goal is getting closer as installation approaches. Here is an image of the Director’s Office I’ve been working on. A well-designed home can start to break through some of the barriers and nudge people into spending time with their neighbors.

An Outdoor terrace encourages people to communicate with each other and form a community. Use your imagination to help visualize the landscape below. Soon a lively living area with many cheerful colors.

Stay tuned for more updates this fall…

Guest Bedroom… making guest feel like home.

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I often receive interesting request for guest bedrooms. “Can you design an inviting guest bedroom but not too comfortable for long stays, i.e. the in-laws?” Here’s the essential furniture for a guest bedroom: bed, night side table, table lamp, side chair, small desk, perhaps a television… don’t forget to add some fresh cut florals the day before. Thoughtful touches, slippers, carafe with drinking glass, books, magazines and snacks. Create a well appointed room.

[Image Above: Subtle palette with outspoken colors from a decorative pillow and florals]

[Image above: Mixing a traditional desk with an industrial table lamp, instantly feels more youthful.]

Table Lamp: Metal shade

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Sometimes adding a light fixture is all it takes to refresh a room! It looks like a piece of artwork…

Finish: Bronze, Antique Brass, Polished Nickel

Price: 525 – 567

Csimplicity Design

Napa/Sonoma Valley, California: Hotel + Restaurant Design

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The Carneros Inn., Napa Valley

A Plumpjack Resort

The resort interpreted early California farms with modern authenticity. Artfully and comfortably furnished. The room is cleverly designed to maximize comfort and minimize space. One of my favorite parts is where shower area leads to an alfresco shower and a private lush garden. No worries, heat lamps for a cool evening. Umbrellas for shade with a flowering garden. It’s a refreshing modern cottage. The safe box is hidden on the bottom of nightstand, great location placement.  During Spring, the weather can get a bit windy. Grab a book, kick off your shoes and light up the fireplace!

Vinyard Cottage

Each indoor space opens to unite with the outdoor space, expanding the living experience to the outdoors. It’s an exclusive getaway.

The neutral color palette harmoniously combines with its outdoor landscape. The experience was unpretentious yet vibrant. We definitely enjoyed the scenic apple orchards and endless rows of grape vines nestled among farmland.


Boon Fly Cafe

There’s no better way to start the morning then with mini home made donuts and a cup of Americano! The space kept the similar quaint feel as the Carneros Inn. Both sites are on the same premises. The design is a refined barn house chic. Clean and fresh reflect its delicious menu.

Fast Food Cafe Restaurant

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I’ve gathered some inspiration for a fast food cafe restaurant located in Arcadia, California. The owner is mid-20 young entrepreneur. The design concept needs to reflect the menu: vibrant, fresh and crisp.  I’ll follow up with more details later.

Beach Chic Master Bedroom Makeover: Canopy poster bed

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We designed this serene cloud-like bedroom by layering whites and a subtle palette of gray-blue.  A bundle of sunlight diffused through natural linen roman shades, offers quiet, tranquility and romance. The poster bed is knotted organically on four corners; kissing the floor ever so slightly. Displayed are 2 images of a bedroom in Manhattan Beach, California with design process photos representing before, and after. Whew… the entire process took 10 weeks. Nothing is more clean and crisp than a white dominated room done right.

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6 Before and “During” Photos of Mediterranean House located in Los Angeles

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CSimplicity Design Project:

Mediterranean House nestled in Los Angeles hillside… stay tuned for “AFTER” photos at project’s completion!


1. Construction work in progress: Exterior Facade “BEFORE” December 2009

2. Construction work in progress: Exterior Facade “DURING” February 2010

3. Construction work in progress: Exterior Rear “BEFORE” December 2009

4. Construction work in progress: Exterior Rear “DURING” February 2010

5. Construction work in progress: Kitchen “BEFORE” December 2009

6. Construction work in progress: Kitchen “DURING” February 2009

Find of the day: Side table with designer style at an affordable price .

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Find of the day: Twiggy Side Table

Unique 19 inch diameter table hand-made in iron with antique zinc finish. I would use it for myself and recommend it to clients. I especially like the tapered leg detail, very elegant.

Source: CB2

twiggy side table

Italy Shopping

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Roaming around Florence..

Flea market hunting…

Window Shopping in Rome…

Continue to be inspired…